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Yes, we ship orders worldwide!
The standard delivery time is 5-7 business days and often much faster. In case your order consists of more than one product, the items might be shipped separately to you.
We currently accept all major credit and debit cards, and of course, Paypal.
We have central delivery points in the US, Canada and Europe. We work together with the major postal services of the respective regions. This reduces delivery time, shipping costs and helps to protect the environment.
Please get in touch and email with your order details and we'll be able to investigate.


Dizinga is a global artwork marketplace that connects independent artists with leading publishers to help you spreading your name and design across the world so that you get the attention you deserve. We take care of marketing, production and fulfilment so that you can focus on what you love, creating stunning art! Once you upload your artwork it will be made available in Dizinga store immediately.
We partner with leading publishers to form the Dizinga Network. This is a great opportunity to showcase your art to some of the largest digital publishers on the web. You're wondering how this works? It's simple! As soon as you create your first product we will also make this available to our partners sites in the Dizinga Network. In short, our partners get to select the products that fit best to their audience. This ensures we find the right audience for your products and boost your sales!


Yes, absolutely!
It’s easy! Signup for your free artist account here and upload your first artwork in 30 seconds! If you have any questions, checkout this FAQ section or ask our friendly artist support at
Your design is yours! When you upload your artwork to Dizinga, you continue to control the rights to it and grant us permission to market your designs across the Dizinga Network and external marketplaces.
As an artist you will receive 12.5% of the net sale price for any of your products sold via the Dizinga Network. This means that a T-Shirt with your design sold at $26 will earn you $3.25. If you joined our affiliate program and referred the customer to, then you will earn another 18%, which are $4.68 in the T-Shirt example. This is paid in addition to your artist commission! As such you can earn a stunning 30.5% commission or $7.93 per T-Shirt sale priced at $26.
We pay your artist and affiliate commission to you fully automatically via PayPal. You haven’t provided us with your PayPal details yet? Don’t worry it is easy, just open the profile section in your Dizinga artist account and enter your PayPal email address into the PayPal field. Cleared earnings are paid to your PayPal account at the beginning of each month, after a 30-day grace period (based on the ship date, not the date of the sale), so that we can account for any cancelled orders.
No, there isn't! We don’t make you waiting like other sites. We believe that you should get paid as soon as possible.
Yes, we would love you to join our Affiliate Program. Please checkout our affiliate site for more information: Affiliate Program
Once you uploaded a product it will be made available in store immediately. However it can take up to 30 min to process before it gets listed in the Dizinga Store. Also check out our publisher stores! Once your design is in Dizinga we will show your designs to leading publishers who can choose from your best artwork. Take on the challenge and spread your artwork across the world!
Dizinga works different to other artwork marketplaces in such that we work with leading publishers to optimize your sales to get the best sales performance for you and our partners. As such we are currently not allowing to set your own prices or mark-ups. Check out our commission structure and see how we compare to other market places!
If you would like your design or products to be removed from Dizinga, please contact our friendly artist support at to request a change to your already submitted product. We are currently not giving you the option to edit or remove a product from within your artist account once it has been submitted to store. This is because as soon as you submit your product it will be listed in one or more of our stores immediately. Moreover, your artwork might be part of a paid advertising campaigns or featured in promotions across the Dizinga network. However, we are currently working on an automated way that allows you to remove & edit products from within your artist account, even after the item has already been published to store.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is compliant with copyrighted or other intellectual property at all time. We are legally not able to advice you in this matter, but recommend to research relevant information about copyrighted laws and intellectual property relevant to your work either on the internet or consult legal advice if you are unsure. General: United Kingdom: United States: DMCA: We also suggest that you check Dizinga's Terms of Service and the Dizinga Artist Agreement with respect to our Content, Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights Policies to ensure that you are in compliance at all times.