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Totemic Bunny Mens Polo

Dizinga Dizinga
  • This rabbit will guide you on your journey. The silhouette of this creature is filled with an intricate, psychedelic pattern. Different cultures attribute many qualities to the rabbit. In China, it is one of the astrological animals and linked too good fortune. People born under Rabbits sign are believed to be artistic and sensitive. In shamanic cultures, rabbits show us how to attract love, abundance, health, and a warm, dry home. Generally rabbits are most likely to be seen between dawn and dusk, a magical time between day and night. Rabbits are very sensitive, with keen observational skills, granting them strong reflexes that help them dash to safety. Fast, agile and clever, rabbits teach us about spontaneous yet decisive movement. Rabbit wisdom may help us to grasp an opportunity that may only present itself for brief moments. Symbolic rabbit meanings deal primarily with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Traditionally, rabbits are associated with fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation. For that same reason, the rabbit is a perfect symbol for spring which is fertile with new life, new beginnings and growth.

    We print all Polo Shirts using the latest DTG print technology and highest quality inks to ensure a superior print quality and a lasting finish. This Polo Shirt is made from the highest quality cotton material to give the best fitting and comfort feel. 100% cotton for most colours, please contact support for detailed composition.

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